Never say never …

I heard the actor Michael Caine being interviewed.

He spoke of how he’d heard some young people saying that their goal in life was to be rich and famous. He felt that wasn’t a great start – proposing that instead you’ve got to first spend time finding out what you want to do.

Sir Michael has had an amazing career – it spans 50 years and over 100 films. You’d have thought therefore that he’d pretty much worked out what he wanted to do. How lovely then to hear him say that not too long ago, and shortly after he thought he’d retired, he was offered a part in a film. He immediately rejected it until his friend Jack Nicholson persuaded him to take it. And why did he say yes? Because, he says, he realized … life is never over.

A case perhaps of still, working out what he wants to do?

What a wonderful thought.

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