Oh brother . . .

I read an article about workers volunteering to have cameras installed in their homes to enable other workers to watch them for at least an hour at a time in order to help them focus their attention while they’re working from home.

On the face of it, I feel that this voluntary option could well work for some who find the challenge of working from home a little daunting.

As for me?

If my employers will be happy with getting up to watch me at least an hour before I start work if I’m in the office … and if they won’t mind staying glued to the cctv until late in the evening which is when I tend to finish working when I’m having a day at home … and if it’s ok with them that I don’t dress business-smart while I’m at home, in order to squeeze even more time spent working rather than preening my appearance … then install the cameras in my home, with pleasure.  They could be an education for us both.

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