Sardines, Ouzo and freedom . . .

In 2018, Greek pilot Vasileios Vasileiou survived a Taliban attack on the Kabul hotel he was staying in.  40 people lost their lives.  His experience, understandably, has shaped his outlook on life:

“I have always been a positive person, but nowadays I am even more so. I enjoy every single moment of life and feel grateful for what I have. Life is a gift and we should enjoy it for as long as it lasts.

You know, sitting on the beach in Greece with friends I’ve heard people complaining that because we had a financial crisis they miss some of the comforts they used to have. I am like, “Come on! Enjoy your life and health. You are eating sardines and drinking Ouzo by the beach. We are free, we have good friends around and we laugh – this is what people are supposed to do.”

Don’t concentrate only on work, stressful and bad things in your life. Concentrate instead on creating good moments and being around good people, because life is so beautiful.”

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