Mighty society indeed …

Nick Watkins, co-founder of The Mighty Society’s Pea Mylk tells a lovely tale of how he and his brother turned the tables on a poor customer experience with some great customer service of their own. 

After a problem with a courier company for despatch of sample cases of their new product, the Messrs Watkins turned to an alternative company where their new contact there communicated well and had a great sense of humour. So, problem sorted, both brothers happy, end of the story. 

Well not quite. 

After expressing his surprise at the newness of their product, and being pretty impressed by it, the person they were dealing with at the new courier company added, “Will it help me grow my hair back?

Funny, friendly, a throwaway comment. 

But the excellent level of service the brothers had received was a big thing to them. And while they couldn’t grant their new friend’s wish, they realised there was something they could do as a thank you for his help … and the next day Nick cycled down to the depot with 2 cases of the new Pea Mylk to try for free. 

“Customer service people…it goes a long way (literally)” – Nick Watkins

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