That’s rice . . .

My beloved cooked some rice. It’s only taken him 38 years. But cook rice he did. After asking, of course, how to do it, what pan to cook it in, how he might successfully add the peas and onions he had in mind as a tasty addition to it.

And indeed, it was most excellent. I really enjoyed it. I told him and thanked him for a delicious meal. For I believe it’s good to be given praise (and also in the hope that it won’t take another 38 years for him to make some more).

Now, renditions of “Rice, rice baby,” and “I am the rice man – coo coo ca choo” echo around our house, and my beloved is convinced that the likes of Messrs Ramsay, Oliver and Roux will surely be knocking at our door soon to ask for the recipe.

A little thank you, a smidgen more praise … amazing how feedback can be so motivating, empowering and well-received.

I can’t wait for the risotto.

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