Simple . . .

In How to Get a Grip, Matthew Kimberley asks us to stop making it so difficult. The it in question he’s imploring us to get on and do is nothing we shouldn’t be able to manage, including dealing with the ideas we have, and making good decisions. In fact, he suggests that unless we’re involved in advanced genetics or microeconomics, almost everything we have to deal with is simple. (And those of you who read this blog who are involved in advanced genetics or microeconomics – for I know there are a few – please do read on … simple can be yours too.)

Sounds too simple? Well yes. Sometimes what’s simple isn’t easy. You want to take a round-the world trip? Simple. There are flights that can get you there, and hotels you can stay in. Easy? Well not if you haven’t got savings to pay for it. A little head-scratching might be required to achieve what you want.

But Matthew Kimberley makes an excellent point – what if you pretend that you don’t have a choice? What if a simple idea just NEEDS to be implemented? Is it having too many choices that’s holding you back? Call it choice, call it prevarication – whatever’s stopping you needs to be eliminated, reduced, or minimised so you can focus on translating simple into easy.

“Take a simple idea, tell yourself it’s easy and you’ll be surprised how often it is.”

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