You owe it to yourself . . .

I like the idea of giving yourself permission … to do or to be.  And permission-giving certainly seems a common thread I come across often in coaching and also leadership development.  Often it’s about a permission to be kind to yourself, but today I wondered what other kinds of permissions there are.  Here’s a few I came up with:

  • Permission to let go and to move on
  • Permission to be imperfect, or wrong
  • Permission to be occasionally sad or over-emotional
  • to make a choice that we know in our hearts is the right one to make
  • Permission to make a decision, especially when others aren’t wanting you to
  • Permission to take a chance, to try something new, to do it differently
  • Permission to accept yourself for who you are
  • Permission to be who you want to be
  • Permission to be scared, to acknowledge you’re out of your comfort zone
  • Permission to have a positive outlook, to take a glass-half-full attitude to life
  • Permission to fail … because at least you tried
  • And, returning to the point I came in at … permission to be kind to yourself, to allow you to open up your mind and your heart

And why give yourself permission?

Work it out. 

Why don’t you give yourself permission to do that?

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