Stop, start . . .

Ever got up and made a big decision about the day ahead, only to realise later that the way ahead might not be as easy as you’d first thought?

That happened to friends of mine recently … their challenge was a walk up a hillside that turned into a craggy, quite scary adventure. I was so taken by their tale of their very sensible decision to go ahead if they could, safely, or to stop the walk short if they needed to, and still be proud of their achievement. It struck me that sometimes we forget how far we’ve actually come, and focus instead on what we haven’t achieved rather than how far we’ve already come.

My friends?  They marched on and finished what they set out to do … with a real acknowledgement of the effort and uncertainty they went through to get them there. Had they not finished, they’d still have been proud of their achievement.

It’s the journey, not the destination that counts. 

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