Making sense . . .

I’m always intrigued when people ask for support around communication issues, or cite communication skills as being vitally necessary for the work they’re doing. Often when probed, I note that people find it hard to explain exactly what good communication is, and why it’s important.

So I searched online and came up with this very sensible definition of effective communication:

An Effective Communication is a communication between two or more persons wherein the intended message is successfully delivered, received and understood.

And then I searched some more, and decided that I like this one so much better:

“Live, share and learn the art of true deep listening.  The main keys are honesty and humility. Cultivate good filters in the mind.  Conquer and tame the ego.  If words and actions pass from your lips, sights and tapping words in the keyboard, don’t forget to ask first, “Is it true, necessary and kind?” 
Angelica Hopes

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