Carpe Champers . . .

I found a bottle of Moët et Chandon in my fridge. It’s true. Please don’t judge me … my lifestyle isn’t usually this decadent. I have no idea where the bottle came from – but I’m guessing someone bought it for us ages ago and we’d stored it for later. 

So it seemed like a good idea to take it that night down to our friends’ house 3 doors away where we’d been invited for a lovely Friday night get-together. 

But my beloved’s reaction to this find was different to mine … his preference was to save it for a special occasion. 

Then I pointed out that this bottle had clearly been in our fridge for a while, and so why not use it tonight to share between the 4 of us?  

More protests … let’s save itlet’s keep it until we really have something to celebrate

In part I could understand my husband’s rationale, but a huge part of me was thinking … we could be keeping that bottle for ever in the quest to find something really special to celebrate

So I urged my beloved to think it through. Wasn’t tonight special?  A couple of hours with most lovely friends, a Friday night start to the weekend, a chance to share a wonderful champagne with others?  And in that moment he understood. 

Carpe diem. Always. And if not with champagne, then with making the best out of every opportunity you have. Don’t keep your life on ice. 

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