I’m grateful for . . .

I read an article about how CEOs around the world, in many different types of organisations, start their day.  Their methods ranged from exercising, meditating, watching/catching up on the news, and checking online reviews/comments.

Whatever routine we pick, it seems important that we have one – productivity expert Claire Diaz Ortiz suggests that how we start our day anchors us and ensures we stay focused on what’s really important. 

And something else I learned – what productivity experts seem to have in common is that they nearly always have at least some focus on big picture goals and planning for the day, but more unexpectedly (at least for me) … gratitude.

Taking a moment to be thankful for the day.  I’m still trying to work out what for me that would look like – a mantra, a list, note-making, saying something out loud? – but on principle, I do rather like the idea.

I’m adding it to my list of to dos for tomorrow.

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