Other people at breakfast . . .

I’m reading a lot at the moment about psychological preferences. Articles about introverts abound: Oliver Burkeman‘s excellent article (2012), “ the introverts,” Susan Cain’s Quiet and Sylvia Loehken’s Quiet Impact (she asked me recently whether the majority of people in my own organisation were introverts or extraverts – I wasn’t sure I could answer), and Caring for your Introvert by Jonathan Rauch (who famously, it’s suggested… Read More Other people at breakfast . . .

Being seen

A common theme of 360 feedback is lack of visibility of leaders. In a leader’s defence, multi-site working can create lengthy travelling times between locations, and time spent travelling is largely non-productive.  But, there’s a reason why people are feeding back to you that they still want to see you. So maybe it’s time for… Read More Being seen