Super thinking . . .

positivity2I’m sure that you will know (I didn’t) that Super Tuesday is one of the most significant days in US primary elections: a pivotal moment for candidates hoping to gain the Republican and Democrat nominations in their bid for the White House.

Now, I’ll be honest. The American Presidential Elections is not my Mastermind specialist subject, so Super Tuesday came as a surprise to me; I guess I’ve not paid enough attention in past campaigns to know that it existed.

But it did remind me of something rather wonderful, much closer to home.

Working with someone a couple of years ago, they told me of a “Positive Tuesday” initiative they’d launched at work. Well, launched might be too fanciful a word for something that was so simplistic in its origin and implementation that it was pure genius.

Positive Tuesday went like this . . .

On Mondays, you’re a bit inclined to moan about life, the universe and everything at the start of the week, so . . . the rule is that on Tuesdays you’re only positive. No complaining, no griping, only smiles and sunny outlooks.

So the pessimists amongst you might be a little cynical here. I, too, had a nagging doubt about this working in an organisation not known for its 24/7 positivity. Professionalism, hard work and brilliant customer service yes, but internally a tad distrustful and at times defeatist and occasionally demotivated.

But . . . here’s the thing. Working with this person to deliver the results of their 360 feedback, it was uncanny how many of their raters commented on Positive Tuesday.

“Can we have more Positive Tuesday days please?”

“Love Positive Tuesday, even though I didn’t think I would”

“X has made a real difference to the team in introducing Positive Tuesday.”

He was surprised; I was delighted.

Mega Thursday . . . Terrific Wednesday . . . Amazing Friday . . . whatever you might call yours, please . . .  never underestimate the part you can so easily play in making a huge difference to people’s wellbeing and working day.

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