What makes a great leader?

LeaderIt’s the stuff that dissertations are made of …. and take comfort, my dissertation days are long over, so this will take up only a minute of your reading time.

An example of a great leader?  Let me share a story today from a friend who knows a thing or two about leadership herself …
A younger, less in service employee came up with a great idea to solve a staffing problem. Their older, longer-service leader dismissed their suggestion. No explanation, no debate.
Later, another leader, acting in the then absence of the first leader (who by this time was simply away for the weekend) heard of the proposed solution and immediately gave it the green light. Their intent was not to undermine their peer, but simply to resolve the problem.
And in doing so, they cast aside ego, and the trappings of positional power, and took on board a suggestion from a less experienced colleague.
Great leaders don’t have all the answers. Great leaders listen to others. Great leaders work with others to help them get there.

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