What might you do?

When working with first-line managers, most of whom were new to the world of management, I regularly came across a recurring theme:  once you become a manager, your life is never the same again.

Let me explain.

  • Once you’re a manager, gone are the days when you can come into the office, hang up your coat, and get on quietly with your work.
  • The “can I just have a quick word” requests become frequent.
  • And you’re suddenly responsible for many people other than yourself.

And for some new managers, that can cause self-doubt, fear, and even a throwing in of the towel when they’re not supported by more experienced colleagues to get through difficult times.

As Tacitus said, “Nobody doubted his capacity to rule until he became Emperor.”

I just wondered . . . if you’re watching a new leader, how might you help them?

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