How others might see you?

Someone asked me for an example of people thinking differently in terms of how they approach their  outer life–what are the behaviours others might see in them?

So, an example …

My son has recently set up house and seems grateful for the odd bit of cast-off furniture we can send his way.  So, finding ourselves with 2 sofas surplus to our needs, my husband and I agreed to pass them on to our boy.  It was always going to entail hire of a van and a long drive between our houses, with all the accompanying planning that would be required to execute this handover successfully.

Having confirmed with my son a day for the transfer, I rang my husband to give him the go-ahead to book a van.  The conversation went like this:

Me:  Just confirmed with [wonderful son’s name] that next Tuesday is OK for you to deliver the sofas.

Husband: Great news.  

Me:  And I’ve told him you’ll arrive later in the afternoon to accommodate his getting home from work time.

Husband: Fantastic.

That, dear reader, I thought was that.  Oh no.

Husband:  And which of the boxes of his possessions from his old bedroom does he want us to deliver?

Me:  (heart sinking somewhat) Well, not sure; I didn’t ask.  Most important thing is just to confirm the date today, so you can hire a van (stop fretting)

Husband:  Yes, OK.  And does he want the table too (another relative’s cast off)?

Me: I didn’t ask him.  He was on his way to work and a bit busy, so I just confirmed the date (you don’t need to know this now)

Husband: Well we’ll need to know (you really should be able to give me answers to this, now, it’s important)

Me:  Yes, I’ll find out later, perhaps tonight (and thinking … don’t worry, no problem, it will come together … later)

I have known my beloved long enough to know that we are different in our approach to planning and organising and viewing the world … me a bit of a big picture thinker and him often with a need to know the finer detail.  We’re each not right or wrong … just different.  Though the truth is that the difference needs managing and coming to terms with … but I’ll deal with that later when I encourage him to step out of his preference and see the world from my point of view!

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