Bitter sweet ….

I had a bit of a profound moment the other day over a lazy Sunday breakfast at the garden centre. 

My friend decided to finish off her meal with a cake. Not any random choice – but a cake she’d raved about since having a slice of it a few weeks ago.  

It was served.  She cut it. She took a bite. She ate it, because …. well, it was OK … ish.  

And in the midst of the crumbs, she came to a serious understanding … sometimes, it’s not good to go back. The 2nd time isn’t always quite as good as you’d remembered.  

A metaphor for living life to the full and taking chances that come your way, of moving forward and reaching for the stars, if ever I’ve heard one.  

I know, I know … it was only a piece of cake. Oh …. but it had the promise of so much more. 

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