Give me time …

Ah, the curse of the highly experiential learner. I should know.

In my time, I remember taking an immediate, ruling-out stance on the following ever being successful or catching on:

  • Windows (obviously the computerised sort)
  • Picture hanging strips – ha!
  • Electronic book readers (what, you can’t feel the weight of the book, the paper in your hands?)

And as I’ve come to understand myself better, I’ve learned to acknowledge my tendency towards the knee-jerk reaction, the oh too speedy judgement, the ruling it out indefinitely moment.

But I know now that there’s a difference between ruling it out altogether and weighing it up so you can rule it in.

It’s good to be curious, enquiring, even a little sceptical or admittedly unsure – as long as that judgement doesn’t get in the way of a good decision. Changing your mind can be good … and as that experiential learner, it’s something I do frequently … I just wish sometimes that I could get there a little sooner.

“It’s not about making the right choice. It’s about making a choice and making it right.” (J R Rim)

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