Heart over head …

On my drive into work the other day I noticed a lorry. Nothing too significant about its size, and not that many distinguishing features … but it did have something about it that grabbed my attention: a claim printed in tall green letters on its bonnet that said:

“Licensed potato merchant.”

Well I never knew that sellers of potatoes had to be licensed. I’d just no idea that potato licensing was such a big thing.

And if it is, I’m very glad for it, especially if it ensures delivery of potatoes to my table for roasting, mashing, chipping and baking. A potato is comfort food at its best.

But the “licensed potato merchant” signage got me wondering … is it really a real thing, or simply a clever ploy by said potato merchant to get themselves noticed above the rest, or an attempt at a little tongue in cheek humour (and if it is, then I for one really appreciated it)?

I’m purposely not going to try to find the answer – tempting as it is to search online for “is potato licensing a real thing?” Truth is, I’m happy in the knowledge that it just might be, and it gives me comfort about this comfort food knowing that one of my very favourite nutritional groups could well be protected by such lofty bureaucracy.

Putting your faith in others often requires a huge leap. And daily, I do that only after collecting facts, examining oodles of evidence, listening to accounts and making a sensible judgement.

And sometimes? It’s rather nice to be a little more reckless and just follow your instinct.

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