Week after week . . .

Mo Farah is in action today in front of his home crowd in the London Marathon, facing a world-class field, with the British record within his sights.  I hope he does well.

Describing what it’s been like to have to learn a whole new event, this is what he said:

“The most difficult thing about preparing for a marathon is, it’s not 1 week, not 2 weeks … but week after week you’re going into it tired, fatigued, but you’ve got to keep going … but it’s been enjoyable, it’s not like .. I can’t do this, no it’s been more like, ok, yes I can do it, and you get through it, and you get through it, and you come back week after week.”

It just made me wonder whether this could be used as a metaphor for other aspects of life, work, the universe … many things?

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