I’ve forgotten . . .

My beloved decided he had the ‘flu.

Funny that … I saw it more as a slight sniffle.

Despite our different interpretation of the same event, I agreed to his request to fetch him some cough medicine from the pharmacy.  But while en route to get it, what I’d gone for had completely gone out of my mind.  I had to ring him to request a reminder.

Now this might have had something to do with the fact that when he made his request, I was thinking only about the incredulity of it and that perhaps he would be helped more by finding a little inner resolve to cope with what I thought was a not too significant ailing.  Or perhaps I was focusing on what else I needed to get from the shops (because, if you were wondering, I wasn’t making a special trip just for cough syrup – my halo isn’t that strong).

Hermann Ebbinghaus did an experiment in the 1800s that suggested the ability of our brain to retain information decreases in time, and it seems there are ways we can improve our memory by making meaningful connections with the information we’re trying to remember.

I’ll remember that next time I’m despatched to buy cough mixture.  Or maybe I’ll just forget.

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