The place you were before?

I heard a politician talking about an aspect of Brexit.  To be honest, I switched off just a tad … much as I love my early morning fix of political debate, I’m feeling a little phased at the moment by the complication of the UK’s European negotiations.  And I did have to concentrate on the traffic ahead of me, so my attention was definitely fading in and out as he was being very extensively interviewed.

But then he referenced what he was talking about to Hotel California, the 1976 song by the Eagles (a classic sing-along for any child of the ’70s).

“You can check out anytime you like but you can never leave.”

There.  That line.

I spent the rest of the journey pondering … wouldn’t it be a shame to have something in your life that you feel you can never truly walk away from even though you’d like to?  Something you feel you can’t break your commitment from, no matter how hard you try?

Making a change can be difficult, painful, exhausting.  But how many of us hang on to something in our lives out of a misconception that we have to, or because we’re afraid to move away, to leave someone else behind, to do it differently?  Because we’ve not checked out what might happen if we make the move?


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