Talk with me . . .

Thomas Lickona writes a wonderful piece in Psychology Today about acquiring the art of conversation and teaching it to our children.  I couldn’t agree more – though as a parent fully understand the pressures of everyday life – I’m not sure that every meal time together can create a conversation that ticks along as you’d wish.  But there is great truth in the principle of what Dr Lickona is trying to encourage.

And the article reminded me – learning to converse with others is a valuable lesson in life.  Not telling, or talking at incessantly, or let me tell you only and always about me, me, me, but real conversation.  It’s an art.  And this is how it goes …

Ask someone a question

Listen to their response

Let them finish (please)

Comment on what they’ve said

Wait for their response

Ask them another question if appropriate

Listen to their response

Repeat as often as required until it’s time for them to be interested in you.

I wonder why some people get this simple formula so horribly wrong?



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