Pleasure, not punishment . . .

A little story for those amongst us who might be wondering when their paid-for working career will come to a close . . .

At the age of 16, Bill McDermott took ownership of a delicatessen that he bought through a funding deal with the previous owner.  Today he’s the highest-paid leader of a German public company – quite a success story, by anyone’s standards, and very much so for Mr McDermott who at the age of 11 had to get his first (part-time) job – delivering newspapers – so that he could help out with the family finances.

In 1983 he joined the photocopying company Xerox in an entry-level sales position.   And Mr McDermott wasn’t shy about his ambition.  He told the manager who hired him: “Sir, one day I would hope to become the CEO.”

His levels of ambition seem to have remained with him throughout his career, understanding that:

“In this business or in that little old delicatessen, it was always about understanding that customer, not just what they need today, but what they’re going to need next.”

And more than that, I loved what he had to say about where he’s heading next:

“I’m a worker and I love work, and I will always work.  I think about retirement as a punishment.”

Found your life’s passion?  How wonderful to know that you want to continue with it.

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