Dreams can come true . . .

I do try to be patient.

I really do.

But this is the dilemma – 

  • Say nothing, and the frustration builds up inside, and my beloved (a counsellor) tells me that’s not good.
  • Say something, and my beloved hears that as criticism, negativity, impatience.

The context?

Helping him (yet again) with an IT challenge.  

So, I have decided to say something, and to work on saying it better.

From now on, my sighs won’t be quite so deep, the look on my face that says, what are you doing?! will be replaced with  a teeth-gritting, beatific smile, radiating pure kindness and patience like my beloved has never seen (at least never from me).  

I will, in future, cherish our moments together over the computer, with me as a generous, calm, knowledgeable guide, and he as the novice student, eager to learn, and remembering everything I’ve shared with him.

Yeh, right.

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