Reboot . . .

I’d been battling with the WiFi connection at home on my phone. All other devices working perfectly, just the phone that wasn’t.

I searched for an answer and tried many things … false hope every time; some gave me momentary respite, but more often than not, the proposed solution just didn’t work.

And then I hit upon the idea of doing a factory reset of my network settings. Knowing that all I needed was my WiFi network password to be able to get online after the reset, I thought it was a gamble worth making.

And my gamble paid off.

My phone’s easy, instant, seamless access to the outside world is restored. No more on-and-offing of the WiFi icon, no more refreshing my browser or trying again later. Videos play as they should, images form instantly …

I am a happy person.

I’m wondering if the concept of restoring settings to default might be applied to any other areas of my life? In the spirit perhaps of a cleansing, a detox or a declutter, giving me a chance to return to simple and be grateful for all that I have?

Now, where’s that button . . .

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