Working it out . . .

Ever wondered about the difference between these two: puzzles and problems?

Simply put, Reg Revans, founder of Action Learning, distinguishes between them as follows:

  • Puzzles have “best” solutions which exist already
  • Problems have no right answers but present an opportunity for learning

Thinking specifically about the amount of problem-solving we’re asked to do on a daily basis at work, it’s problems that particularly intrigues me.  For Mr Revans, solving them required the use of insightful questioning – a concept which as a coach I’m familiar with, wholeheartedly endorse, and love to use.

And to think that we can be creative through working together with others to resolve a particular problem, sparked by great questioning which colleagues might throw into the pot, not only intrigues, but excites.  Opportunities, possibilities, learning … they’re all there for the taking.

Problems?  Pah!  Bring them on . . .

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