Keeping in touch . . .

I’ve been feeling less and less in touch with the world I live in from a popular culture point of view. I realised the other day I might be the only person who couldn’t name a Taylor Swift song. I couldn’t even point out what she looks like. Add to that the fact that I’ve never watched a whole episode of the X-Factor and had to ask a presenter on a training course who was constantly using it, just exactly what the phrase “it’s my bad” meant.

Does this make me a bad person?

That’s perhaps for others to decide, applying their own standards for what they feel is important in life.

Me?  I’m determined to keep learning – for every minute of every day that I can – and I hope also that what I’ve already learnt along the way can only enhance each new experience.

But sometimes, I just feel as if my brain can’t take in any more.

“Every time I learn something new, a little of the old gets pushed out of my brain.” (Homer Simpson)

Know what I mean?

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