Walking the talk . . .

Sometimes, it’s nice to do something different. 

I am a huge fan of talk radio – in fact, those who know me well will know that I believe there is only one radio station worth listening to.  Whoever says I’m rigid in my views … well, just don’t!

But just occasionally, it’s great to kick back and listen to an alternative.  When I’m forced, you understand … when I have no choice – I’d hate you to think I’d ever choose NOT to listen to my very favourite station.  So now and again when I’m at work, sitting in a coffee shop perhaps, between meetings or events, it is truly joyous to have some feel-good music on in the background.  A smattering of Bublé, a burst of Queen, a little Mr Sheeran … all very welcome, and especially in an environment where I’d normally never expect to be able to listen to the radio while working.

Feel-good moments are important at work … and it strikes me, something that actually might be so simple to achieve.  From making sure you take a coffee or a lunch break, to taking a walk around your grounds to enjoy the view, to listening to popular music because you have no choice.  Whatever does it for you, wellbeing is so important.

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