Evolving . . .

Graeme Findlay talks about attributes of leadership, with particular reference to the concept of “voice.”

Alongside what he proposes as the most sophisticated form of leadership – the Futurizing Voice – he adds the Prosocial Voice and the Command Voice. All equally valid in a range of differential voices of leadership.

But there seems one other voice, which Mr Findlay suggests is essential … without it, all other leadership voices fail. It is the Heartfelt Voice.

The leader who possesses the atrribute of the Heartfelt Voice creates a safe environment for people to work in – one where people can have an inner circle of trusted colleagues, where they can connect deeply with others, where they share a common purpose, and where they feel safe to be ourselves.

And Mr Findlay goes one stage further to say, “In the absence of the heartfelt voice, all the other voices fail.” Without it, the Command Voice sounds like a “barking drill sergeant“, the Prosocial Voice leader is perceived as shallow, and the Futurizing Voice becomes political ‘spin’.

So two different leaders may be polar opposites in their leadership style and approach, and both be perceived as great leaders in their own, unique right. However, Mr Findlay suggests that the common attribute any great leader will possess is the essential element of the Heartfelt Voice.

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