Making a clean sweep . . .

Someone shared a story with me (and I’ve told them I’d be turning it into a blog, so no confidences breached here) …. it was one about a challenge of everyday life many of us face – keeping up with laundry at home while juggling a hundred and one other daily tasks, chores, meetings, appointments, responsibilities at both work and home. Faced with an overflowing mountain of clothes that needed attention, they made a decision to take their wash basket contents to the local launderette. A whole wash for £18. Seemed reasonable. And it worked out well … the washing came back on time, freshly laundered and folded, ready to be put back into drawers and wardrobes and cupboards.

A simple tale therefore of domestic druggery that turned into bliss?  Well yes, and perhaps also something else.

What struck me when this tale was being shared was how the teller had been able to restore control in their lives from taking such a simple step.  They’d researched, they’d made a decision, they’d taken action, they’d problem-solved.  And the outcome?  Aside from the obvious – no mountain of laundry now awaiting their attention – they told me that they felt wonderful! 

Research, decision-making, taking action, problem-solving … all such key leadership skills in the workplace, and ones we can use on ourselves in any aspect of our life. 

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