To do or not to do . . .

I felt privileged to work with colleagues in a group session.

They each showed the utmost care, attention, respect and kindness to each other – it was rather wonderful to behold. And all done in a safe environment where there were ground rules and an absolute understanding that no one would be judged or made to feel inadequate or stupid.

I came away from that session thinking how marvellous it would be if this way of working could be replicated in many other groups and teams across mine, and in other organisations (yes, I dream big). Maybe it is, though I know from coaching others that often it isn’t.

And the cost of doing this? Just 2 hours of our time and effort and willingness to share. It was pre-planned, so it didn’t impact unduly into existing workloads, and attendance was voluntary so people came along willingly.

The cost of not doing it? I think we all know.

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