Daydream believer . . .

CV-Library surveyed 1200 professionals at work to find out what the most important thing in their life was.

54.7% of respondents prioritised work over a social life (13.8%) and a love life (12.3%).

What really intrigued me was that despite this prioritisation of work, only 17.2% of the people surveyed felt that they were in their dream job.

CV-Library’s CEO, Lee Biggins, says:

Technological advances in recent years have made it easy for us to become absorbed in the ‘always-on’ work culture sweeping the UK. However, it’s concerning to think that so many Brits are missing out on time with their loved ones to put in more hours at the office.  Whilst it’s commendable that so many of us are invested in our careers, it’s not necessary to sacrifice your entire personal life in pursuit of success. Of course, a desire to move forward at work may require a change in lifestyle, but don’t lose everything else which brings you joy along the way.

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