No matter . . .

The other Saturday, I feel sure that I recently heard the British National Anthem being mis-sung. There seemed most definitely an “our” when it should have been a “the.” And this, at a very high-profile, public event.

It’s not the first time I’ve heard this. If honest, I’ve got a bit of a bee in my bonnet about it – that some people don’t know the right words. I realise it all stems back to my childhood (when doesn’t it?!) and a wonderful education where in my school we sang the anthem often on speech days – and not just the first verse, but the second also. (Yes, I know, images of girly swot are more than likely coming to mind.)

So on this particular Saturday, what did I do? After the initial outrage, and even rewinding of the programme to make sure I really did hear what I thought I had? Nothing.

There’s a time to fight our battles. And this wasn’t one of them. Whether it’s at home, with friends, at leisure, in relationships, or at work … we each have a choice about what’s most important to us and what’s worth fighting for.

An errant “our?” Yes, I can easily let that go.

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