How are you doing?

I asked a colleague recently, “Are you having  a good day?”

They answered honestly, if surprisingly, highlighting 3 disasters that had happened in their building that morning which they had been responsible for sorting out, resolving.

So I listened, with genuine concern for their plight – because they’re a lovely person, and I cared.

And then they did something marvellous … as I finished listening, and had sympathised, and as they came to the end of their story, they asked me … “Are you having a good day?”

Not that I was having any challenges that morning, but anything that had happened to me thus far that day seemed inappropriate now to comment on; and it would have been a little churlish for me to have gloated on the wonderful, problem-free morning I’d had.  So I made a quick response and wished them well for the rest of their day.

And as I walked away, I couldn’t help but smile.  In the midst of their difficulties, they’d thought to ask me how I was.  I hope I can put my own selfishness and me, me, me instincts aside in a similar situation for someone else.


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