Changing for the good . . .

Samuel Frederick Dabney Jr – more commonly known as “Ted” – co- founded a company that designed arcade and home video games, home consoles, and home computers. The company was named “Syzygy” – a term in astronomy relating to the alignment of celestial bodies.

I’ve read that the name didn’t stick because it had already been taken by another company. But a few days ago I heard an interview given by the late Mr Dabney where he suggested that he and his partner changed their company ‘s name because no one could pronounce it.

As it was Mr Dabney himself telling this story, I rather think I’d like to believe his version that he told on that particular day he recounted it.

Being prepared to say you got it wrong, or at the very least recognising that you need to change something for the better, is a sign of strength. Well, it worked for Ted at least.

The new name chosen for his company?


I guess he must have done something right.


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