Opening doors . . .

In my workplace – which is vast – there seems a plethora of automatic-opening doors.  And very useful they are at times when arms are laden with bags and files and papers.  I guess they harken back to a distant era when this automation was considered all the rage. 

By contrast, I’m now noticing that in our newest buildings we have door-opening alternatives which encourage us to ditch the automatation, and therefore the energy reserves it uses, in favour of a little manual effort.  Now we can choose to go through a door that opens for us, or push a revolving door to expend a little of our own energy.  Hats off to this very clever design option.

But, I digress.  I’ve noticed that occasionally I find myself in front of a set of double doors, waiting for them to open, when in reality they’re good old fashioned open-by-hand affairs.  It seems then that I’ve got used to, and am expecting this luxury of someone else doing the opening for me.  And today when it happened, it made me think … what else am I taking for granted at work, and where might there be an opportunity to do something differently?

These doors have opened up a whole new world of possibiliities.

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