I want it . . .

Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi proposes how it feels to be in flow – a state where wellbeing, brain integration creativity and purpose combine: Attention is focused on a limited stimulus field – there’s full concentration Action and awareness merge There’s freedom from worry about failure Self-consciousness disappears Sense of time becomes distorted The experience becomes its own reward… Read More I want it . . .

The relationship is key (again) . . .

Begun in 1938 by Harvard psychiatrist George Vaillant, the 75-year Grant Study of Adult Development was the longest ever longitudinal study of human development, aimed at unearthing the secrets to a happy and purposeful life.  With some acknowledged limitations (not least of all male-only participants), the results, in short, suggest that our lives continue to evolve… Read More The relationship is key (again) . . .